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Sana Sathish Babu

- Architect of Dreams, Catalyst for Success.

Sana Sathish Babu: Turning Dreams into Reality Sana Satish Babu, a name synonymous with turning dreams into achievements, has an extraordinary story that resonates with many. From humble beginnings from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, Sana, armed with an engineering degree, started his career in the APEPDCL, Kakinada. However, his aspirations soared far beyond these boundaries.

A Visionary in Business

Driven by an unyielding vision, Hyderabad Based Businessman Sana Satish Babu ventured into the world of business, breaking barriers and fostering global success across industries like Information Technology, Energy, Real Estate, and more. His journey from modest roots to enabling global entrepreneurship is a guiding light for those dreaming beyond limits.

Championing Sports

Aside from business, Sana is a passionate advocate for sports, especially cricket. Starting as a promising cricketer and now serving as Secretary to the East Godavari District Cricket Association, later he became a lifetime member of the association. He also served in the esteemed BCCI museum committee. Philanthropy and Giving Back

Sana's triumphs aren't just personal; they extend to philanthropy. He founded the Sana Satish Babu Foundation, channelling his generosity into education, healthcare, and community upliftment, touching the lives of Kakinda District.

Empowering Success

Satish Babu believes in empowering others to seize opportunities and make strategic choices for success. His life stands as proof that Dreams, with passion and perseverance, can become reality.

Inspiration to All

Sana Satish Babu's life story is an inspiration to fearlessly dream, act decisively, and become enablers for our and others' dreams. His legacy highlights the transformative power of ambition and resilience in achieving excellence

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The Sana Satish Babu Foundation is dedicated to creating a harmonious society by promoting holistic development through sports, culture, education, health, empowerment, and environmental sustainability. The Sana Satish Babu foundation is based in Kakinada to provide opportunities, resources, and support to individuals and communities, fostering their growth, resilience, and well-being while empowering youth, advancing gender equality, and advocating for a sustainable future.